Fire Insurance

Any building or part thereof any building and/or any property contained in any building may be destroyed by unexpected fire at any moment if it remains uninsured and may causes unbelievable loss of the property then the property owner find no way to recover the losses of the property. In the globalized situation, anybody can protect such loss of the properties by covered fire insurance policy and by which the property owner may reach to his previous condition before the loss depend upon the compensation from the insurance company. We, Sikder Insurance Company Limited are assuring to protect that unfortunate losses and help to back in the previous condition before fire by proper compensation and/or indemnification. In the fire policy, following allied perils be covered by charging additional premium:

·        Explosion

·        Impact Damage

·        Aircraft Damage

·        Malicious Damage

·        Riot & Strike damage

·        Electrical Short Circuit

·        Earthquake (Fire & Shock)

·        Spontaneous Combustion

·        Subsidence and land slide

·        Tempest, storm, hail, cyclone & flood

·        Bursting or overflowing of tanks/pipes etc.

·        Consequential loss or business interruption

Moreover, package premium rate, industrial all risk policy including business interruption and MBD, declaration policy and also operational power plant package insurance policy are available in Sikder Insurance Company Limited.

Burglary and House breaking Policy:

Burglary policy is a supplementary and/or incorporate policy of fire policy. It can issue only depend upon the basis of fire policy, it can’t issue without fire policy. Insured property will be secured with the help of Burglary and House breaking insurance coverage where Sikder Insurance Company Limited always assuring that protection.

 In General, the following documents or papers required if any claim arises:

·        Claim form dully filled, sealed and signed by the insured and concerned bank, if necessary

·        Loss intimation letter

·        GD Entry / FIR copy

·        Policy copy

·        Premium receipt confirmation

·        Proposal form

·        Departmental inspection report (In case of large factory if necessary)

·        Fire brigade report (In case of necessary)

·        Police investigation report (In case of FIR if necessary)

·        Meteorological report (In case of flood & cyclone)

·        Video tape record (VTR)/CCTV (in case of large factory)

·        Periodic test report of electrical circuit board /electric line issued by electrical engineer (by insured/3rd party)

·        Maintenance engineer’s report (for machine, electric)

·        Stock register (In case of fire in stock if any)

·        Stock statement certified by bank if necessary

·        Purchased documents of damaged property (import documents/local purchase)

·        Apply depreciation / done market value (if necessary)

·        Compliance certificate (s) from concerned authority/agency

·        Estimate of repair/replacement of damaged items supported by 03 (three) quotations

·        Documentary proof of type of loss (newspaper cutting if available)

·        Detail claim bill (provided by insured with value)

·        Valid approval in case of captive electricity generation (Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission license), 3 (three) months electricity bill/gas bill

·        Valid papers regarding electrical connection

·        Any other documents If needed

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